See below for reviews and testimonials from real Speedballers!

"A TOTALLY UNIQUE AND AMAZING CLASS! This is actually one of the best lower-body workouts I've had in a long time. The layout of the class made it very easy for a newbie like me to catch on. Each move felt effective and really engaged my core. This class is so unique and such a great workout."

- RateYourBurn

“As a former Division I athlete…I found that there was no workout that really kept me in top condition…that is until I came across Speedball!"

- Andrea Trujillo

"[Speedball] is a fabulous workout that is rejuvenating for the spirit, fun and challenging for the mind…and safe and effective for the body, leading to increased strength, stamina, confidence, and coordination."

- Julia Evergreen Keefer Kinesiology, NYU Professor

"I have a hard time staying motivated to go to group fitness classes...Speedball was fun, flew by, and was a great workout. I will definitely keep up with it."

- Leslie Scott
Director/Choreographer of Bodyart Dance

"Speedball gives students that great cardio charge without the damaging impact."

- Felice Gabrielle Romero
Speedball Instructor and Dancer

"...this is not only a good workout, it's the best workout I've had in years!"

- Jodi Weitz

"…the benefits I experience accrue with each class and continually present themselves in both expected and unexpected ways.“

- Robert Kabakoff

"Speedball has taken my workouts up a notch as I have learned new techniques and am building strength. I love how Speedball combines a range of simple movements for a challenging, yet doable workout." 

- Lori Eisenberg

"Speedball is truly a fun workout regiment..."

- Jenn Pastarnack

"Speedball has substantially increased my endurance, balance and coordination. Mentally, Speedball has brought out a determination and toughness in me (to finish each class) that I never previously experienced while exercising. Kickboxing, which I used to love, has become a distant second to Speedball. If I miss Speedball, I'm bummed the rest of the week."

- Gwen Snyder

"After my first Speedball class I knew I was hooked. Sometimes in group-fitness classes you feel that you just need to get through the class, but in Speedball I actually want to get through it..."

- Este Fremont

"I look forward to going to class because the choreography makes you think and you're getting such an intense cardio and strength training workout..."

- Jill LaVorgna

"It's difficult to find a class that is challenging both to your cardiovascular system and your coordination…Speedball is a great way to compliment your existing routine and can help improve and fine-tune existing techniques."

- Ethel Alhale

"Speedball has taught me how to use all my muscles together to achieve a goal...seeing my weekly improvement has made me believe that I can accomplish anything. I feel energized to go to the gym!" 

- Melissa Brown

"As a former group fitness instructor, I thrive on energetic classes and instructors. I was thrilled to discover Speedball when I moved to New York City. I made it a priority to attend classes during my pregnancy and we modified the moves as necessary."

- Cyndi Mahlberg

"Speedball was one of my first steps back to feeling good about myself"

- Angela Spencer

"As a sports doctor I always advocated core and neuromuscular coordination exercise…[Speedball] does everything a dynamic program needs to docore, balance, cardio, and ROM."

- Dr. Wayne Winnick
Private practice NYC, consultant and treating doctor to the NYC Marathon & NY Mets

"I don't work out very often because of lower back pain. However, after just 10 minutes of Speedball, my back felt better than it had in years."

- Ted Allen
Food & Wine Connoisseur, Queer Eye For the Straight Guy

"The genius of Steve's program stems from a deep knowledge and understanding of the most effective methods of exercise across a wide spectrum of traditional sports. During a single 45 minute class, I experienced the power of boxing, the focus and elegance of martial arts, and the soul of capoiera."

- Rachel Bleiweiss-Sande

"An aerobic cardiovascular workout with rhythm, energy, poetry, comedy, history, while sweating, losing tons of calories and having a blast all in one!"

- Tara Leifer

"As an aerobic workout, Speedball does a better job helping me meet my fitness goals than running ever did…Instead of just burning calories, the Speedball workout is helping me sculpt my leg and core muscle groups."

- Brian Ross

"What a workout! I had Steve on my show, Couch Potatoes on ABC News Now, and my abs spoke to me for three days."

- Jim Karas
Host of Couch Potatoes, ABC News Now
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